Friday, November 29, 2013

Sissie at 10 Months~


:Just saw your first snow and were completely fascinated.
:Have started standing.  And even letting go while doing it.  Your head is bruised and your mama is nervous, but you are strong.
:Pushed a laundry basket around the room walking after it.  Holy goodness.
:Love food and are ready to eat, eat, eat.  You pull my arm and grab things away from me.
:Are crawling everywhere.  You look so cute, like a doll when you are crawling.  It kills me.
:Love playing in the vertical blinds.  You are surprisingly gentle with them.
:Climb on me and give me zerberts.
:Crawl to outlets to pull out the "childproof" protectors and chew on them.
:Think the dog bowl is your personal splash park.
:Rub your feet together vigorously when you are excited.
:Like dancing to music.
:Smack your lips when you know you are about to nurse.
:Have two teeth on the bottom and I can feel and see four on the top about to break through.
:Love playing in your brother's room.
:Also in the bathroom. Ew.
:Are having a great time in the bath recently.

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