Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chilly day thoughts

I am approaching my 33rd birthday in a few days.  I am so lucky to get to celebrate with family and friends in a beautiful gathering.  Thanksgiving really is my favorite.  I think it would have even if I hadn't been born after dinner.
The other day Emerson and I had about the best day that could be imagined.  We went to the big library and then off to the tea house (which he decided to call the tea garden, "Because it is so peaceful and quiet here, Mama.") Emerson and I are both off gluten now and so we are sharing the fun of being two who are special.  I don't know if I am permanently off (and I'll admit to a little cheating after the first two weeks) but my health improved dramatically with a detox from all the vice foods.  No sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no coffee, no alcohol.  I'm not going to say for a minute that was easy, but the return was so good I'll be sure to add it into my regular calender.  Two weeks off everything was just right to restore a little balance.  Still no coffee either.  We've been having quite to tea parties here.
The baby (if I can still call her that) has gotten quite mobile and is pulling up on everything.  She is even lifting a hand instead using both to hold on, much to her mama's dismay.  You can see she wants to also move her feet, to start cruising around the furniture but hasn't gotten the courage yet.  I see trouble in our very near future.  The thought of both children having the ability to run in opposite directions has me almost ready for smelling salts.
Adding to all that, last night I went to an urgent care facility to confirm my suspected step throat.  And, of course, it is.  I am hoping the antibiotics do their job swiftly so that our trip to Atlanta isn't too painful for anyone else and I am desperately hoping everyone else fends it off.  Lucky for me at least that it can be treated and I don't have to wait it out.  I'm not much good at that.  The doctor asked if he could write me a note for work but when I told him my job he replied, "Aw, the perpetually overworked mother.  I'm fairly certain you don't get sick days even with a note."  Even so, there are worse jobs to be sure.

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