Monday, June 16, 2014

Dress A {hack}

It strikes me as ironic that I finally made a perfectly serviceable nursing dress the week before I decided that I was done nursing.  I've been working on this dress in my head for the last 5 years.  (I know, it is awfully simple to have taken that long!!) I love nursing my babies but somewhere around 14-16 months I'm totally over it.  When the teeth come out and the baby becomes the distracted toddler I'm done.  And I miss dresses!  This time, all done.  

Dress A is a blank slate tank dress.  My favorite shift style.  I lowered the neckline and notched it and added a button.  I added patch pockets.  On the next one I will omit the notch and put the pockets in the seam.  I am also thinking of adding a draw string waist.  Because of the pockets on this one you can't really belt it. But I don't mind.  No one is going to call me sexy in it (and some people might think I am hiding something.  No more babies here though!)  

None of the dresses from the Stylish Dress Book are made to look sexy.  They are all made for comfort.  I adjusted the bust darts big time.  I used the placement from the Tiny Pocket Tank and then dropped the point of the dart another inch.  In the future I think I can move it back up half an inch and the fit will be perfect. It hardly matters though, I keep thinking of omitting the darts all together (but that feels a little like I've given up too much :)  The brown buttons and butterfly patch are all vintage. The fabric is a shirting in a tiny mulberry stripe.  I bought it for $2.50 a yard and it is 60 inches wide. What the?? 

I see another of these dressed in my very near future.  That will round my summer everyday closet out-  4 dresses, 2 tanks, 2 skirts, 2 shorts, 3 tee shirts.  Done and done.

So- what do you think?


Alisa Rock said...

Love it! You look great!

Anilia Hornsby said...

Aw- thanks Alisa!