Sunday, April 28, 2013

At FOUR Years~


E is 4

:Are so bright it hurts sometimes.  The endless why's and how's often leave us stumped or frustrated, but we know it is because you are working out how every. little. thing. works in this world.
:Love and adore your baby sister.  You are an amazing big brother to her and she loves you to the stars and back again.
:Have a fantastic imagination.  I hear you while you play of on your own making up the best stories.
:You are obsessed with eating (and being eaten) and guns and swords and shooting swords right now.
:Love having bedtime with Papa, reading or making up stories and getting your squeezing massage.
:Argue just about everything.  Even when you get your way.
:Love playing with the kids on our street and having wild adventures with them.
:Still eat applesauce and yogurt and powder just about every day.
:Sometimes wish we'd go back to Baltimore so you could play with your old friends.
:Are making tons of new friends here.  I am expecting about 30 people for your party!
:Love having your Morai living right down the hall.
:Are obsessed with the number 49, Canada and the North American Squirrel and Chipmunk.
:Want to grow your hair "as big as the world."
:Have been gluten free for about 4 months.
:Tell great stories.

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