Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sissie at 3 Months~


3 month nap time

:Are smiling in recognition now.  I rolled over in bed the other morning when you woke up and you gave me the biggest smile.
:Adore your big brother.  He gets lots of smiles and even some giggles.
:Are starting to laugh but really reserve it.  You seem more reserved than your brother was.
:Just went through an upper lip and tongue tie revision.  It was hard but you are nursing better and having fewer hiccups already.
:Have been grabbing things.  I found you with your blanket held in each hand inspecting it the other day.
:Make the cutest bubbles and are starting drool more.
:Stay up and engaged longer.
:Still have the ever changing eyes.
:Sleep wonderfully at night and during the day in the car seat or Dolcino.
:Are starting to bat at the toys hanging on your floor gym.
:Are super snugly.  All the ladies working at the Y want to hold you while I take classes.
:Have the most calm and curious temperament so far.
:Seem to be growing so fast.
:Stare at your hands as if expecting them to reveal their secrets.
:Like to have conversations with us, making your little noises back while we ask questions or agree with everything you say.

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