Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On the mend

We all made it through the procedure on Monday morning.  I will not was that it was easy.  I do feel very strongly that it was the right choice.  Dr Hahn did also find a posterior tongue tie so we had both the lip and tongue lasered.   Papa held her while they did it and I was glad.  Afterwards she nursed and went to sleep pretty fast.  I was a shaky mess.  It was a lot uglier to watch than I expected as they had to go pretty deep.  I've had surgery in my own mouth a couple times, but I had never watched.  Emerson has had several mouth/lip traumas in his short life which have been hard, but nothing like taking a happy baby and holding her still through something that hurts.

Anyway, she is doing really well now and has been smiling and very much like herself since the evening afterwards.  Nursing is better already and I am betting with time will get even better.

Here she is wearing pants I made after seeing this post.  She takes better pictures. :)  I just grab cell phone pictures mostly.

I am thinking she may have bi-colored eyes.  One looks more blue and one more brown the last few days.  How strange would that be??

Thank you for your good thoughts, prayers and kind word!


OldBikeRider said...

So nice to see her eyes open!

Cindy said...

Too much cuteness!