Tuesday, April 2, 2013



This is my 500th post.  I've been writing and sharing here for 5 years.  I've tried many new things, had some success and failure.  I've made a couple babies, lost a few pets and moved.  It has been a wonderful time.  I want to thank you for coming along!  I love that this serves as a true online journal for me and I can look back and see the evolution and the bits that have stayed the same.
One thing, which I find mind blowing this morning, is that I have been a full time stay at home mom for nearly 4 years now.  It is true, I tried a few months of part time work, but it wasn't worth it in the end.  And that is really saying something.  I have never had a single job for more than a couple years.  And I liked this job so much that I wanted to do it again.  I have never in my life been as fulfilled, frustrated, drained and energized by a job.  Everything else I ever did was just for a paycheck.  I went to work just so I could afford to leave. And of course, being Mama all day, everyday doesn't afford me anything I can buy.  It doesn't accrue vacation.  It has no retirement plan (maybe this one isn't true?)  The health benefits bite and the sick time is negative.
But I won't be trading it in for at least another year or two.  It is so much harder than I expected.  Way grosser.  Seriously stressful on my mental health.  But one sweet word or thoughtful gesture and I am in love all over again.  A baby snuggle, a polite interaction from my son.  It is all so worth it over again.

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Lindsey @ A Pear to Remember said...

Anilia, this is incredibly beautiful. I have been enjoying your blog all this time and look forward for more constants and more changes in your inspirational, thoughtful adventures. Your love as a mother is overwhelmingly beautiful. Your children are so lucky!