Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tying and Untying


Hectic- things here are hectic.  The last few weeks I have felt like I am running from one (small) parenting crisis to another.  Losing your kid twice on one week makes for not feeling stellar about yourself.  (At least I didn't misplace the baby too, right?  Right!?)  These days E keeps us dancing.  Each time we feel like progress has been made he pulls the rug out from under us. People said that kids will keep you on your toes but, whew, I had no idea. Every day we evolve new strategies.  Many days feel "by the skin of the teeth."  Thank goodness this baby is a piece of cake.  Here's hoping she follows his pattern and doesn't start making me nuts until after he starts school!


As for her- have a I mentioned she has an upper lip tie?  And maybe a posterior tongue tie?  This basically means that nursing has been difficult and uncomfortable since day one.  We have been extremely lucky that it hasn't effected her weight gain (which is fantastic, I am sure you can tell by the chubby pictures) or my milk production (I am apparently pretty good at that part of parenting. :)  My nipples, however, are like swiss cheese (maybe tmi- but seriously- this is very common but not all that well known, so I am sharing anyway.) On Monday we are driving to South Carolina to a specialist who will use a laser to correct her her lip and possibly the tongue.  It is crazy that we have to go so far (and pay for it all out of pocket!) but that shows you how under recognized and understood the issue is.  I hope to be back Monday with a good report of everything.  Keep us in your thoughts.


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OldBikeRider said...

Relax and breath deeply. All will be well.