Saturday, April 28, 2012

At 3 Years~

First off.  I can hardly believe I am even writing this.  Second- Really?


Dolphin Show 3rd Birthday.JPG

:Are a crazy, wild creature.
:Are not called the Bug much anymore.  Now it is mostly bird and baby lion.
:Love watching the excavators at "struction" site down the street.
:Like tea parties and dinner parties.
:Are loud when I want you to be quiet and quiet when I need you to be loud.
:Still love building "nests" with all your pillows (and ours too.)
:Mostly want Papa but sometimes ask for Mama too.
:Love your Deedle.
:Pretty much have this whole potty thing down.
:Love Desi.
:Brush and feed the cats.  Even Sebastien purrs!
:Can peddle your bike all by yourself.
:Are very clear and can talk about all sorts of things now.
:Like to "Do it myself!"
:Have had your first stitches.
:Like to cuddle.
:Love belly kisses and tickles.
:Can write and read some letters.
:Can sing the whole ABC song.
:Can count reliably to 11 and recognize numbers 0-9.
:Have an imaginary alligator friend. He has no teeth and is soft.
:Sing medleys of all your favorite songs.
:Make up songs about whatever your feeling or doing. Such classics as: "The turkey and the box turtle", "It's time for bed" and "Are you done yet?"
:Love to be chased and gotten and to play hide and seek.
:Are a good helper in the garden. (Mostly)
:Understand and are excited that its your birthday.
:Should actually be able to blow out the candles this year.
:Love to climb on papa and fly like a momma pteranodon!
:Love dinosaur train.
:Like fireworks on YouTube but are scared of them in real life. Like, terrified.

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