Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Patchy 1

Emerson and I are learning how to be together most of the time again.  In the past six months or so I have only really had all day Sundays with him and for most of those Papa was around too.  And, oh, how much you grow between 2.5 and 3!
The other day we had on of those perfect days.  We both had our listening ears on and we were both being kind.  He made a bracelet in the morning and helped me patch my pants in the afternoon.  We played with his big pink ball and pulled weeds together. 


Yesterday was bad.  I don't really have any parenting skills for the really hard days.  It was awful as I watched myself and didn't know what to do with him.  I was so tired and aggravated.  And so was he.  What are your tricks for turning a bad day around?


Anonymous said...


We all have bad days but turn them into good, first, try to find out what is causing his bad day, not enough sleep, or maybe just having a growing time and feels awakward. I use to sometimes just give John time to himself. Sometimes they need that, when all else fails just hug him, and tell him no matter what Mama and Papa will always love you.

jen106 said...

I find those hard days, when she is pushing against me in every way she possibly can, I stand back, take a deep breath and regroup. Sometimes when Lily pushes, I push back, and have to remember that I am not dealing with an adult, but a little child whose boundaries are not quite set and who is looking to become an independent person. If we are having a bad day, sometimes play alone time is needed. Sometimes a cookie helps. Sometimes nothing helps and we just wait for bed time and start fresh in the morning. :)

AlisaRock said...

Get a babysitter. Arrange a quick playdate. Turn on the TV (go ahead, I won't tell CPS.) Eat chocolate. Drink more coffee. Practice the "quiet game" (who can be the quietest the longest?) Teach him hide-and-seek and he can hide and you can have a few minutes to seek.

Make your husband come home early. That's what personal days are for.

Know that we all have these days and he won't remember them. He'll only remember your hugs and your honesty.