Monday, May 26, 2014

Sissie at 16 Months~


:Sign bird, cat, swing, car/truck, wash, water, all done, more  and "I hear" by tapping your cheek near your ear.
:Are getting frustrated with things and scaring me a little with your temper.
:Will climb stairs all day long - big steps.
:Love doggies a lot and all the other animals too.
:Want to be outside.
:Like to stick our keys in the crack in the door, over and over.  You laugh each time as if this is the most hilarious thing on the planet.
:Love the swings.
:Are giving out kisses. You click your tongue to get just the right sound.
:Cry every night at midnight.
:Love motorcycles and trucks.
:Were frightened by the drive through car wash today.
:Love to meet new people but also feel a little shy when they engage you full on.
:Are practically running.
:Are past the "easy" part of babyhood.  You are constantly on the go and into everything.
:Have a great big brother whom you adore.
:Are enjoying the magnadoodle at quiet time.

{You weight 22.5lbs and are 29.75 inches tall.}

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