Monday, May 5, 2014

Diet and Minimalism Notes

It is funny to be doing a minimalistic diet in conjunction with a clear out of excess physical stuff in my home.  It has got me doing a whole lot of thinking, of seeing the cross pieces of my life as it currently is.  Looking at the change while it is happening in a very intentional and cathartic way.

Yesterday I thought I was doing very well with the diet, I even attended my first food oriented outing in the morning with great success.  I attended a brunch where people have a very clean, holistic style of eating and living and so I wasn't too terribly tempted.  However, I could only eat from three dishes there and by the end I was hungry.

When we got home I made kale chips and consumed them all (okay, I shared a few with everyone else, E in particular.)  John made grilled cheese for himself and Emerson and that was fine until I was sitting across from them and had a little cartoon like daydream of myself ferociously attacking them and eating their sandwiches.  I almost burst out laughing at the table and decided I'd go heat up a sweet potato after that.

I have always had a quirky way of daydreaming in cartoon comic book style.  It seems odd to me particularly because I don't spend much time with comics or draw much more than a stick figure or a flower.  The results so often make me laugh out loud and I love it but I do wonder about how the mind works.  What are you doing in there brain??

Taking things out of the house is so fulfilling.  Right now I am practicing restraint knowing that the days will be adding up quickly soon and suddenly it will be many more things at a time.  I'm eager to clear out the excess in the kitchen.  I just saw that Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus will be nearby on a book tour soon.  I think I am going to sneak down for the evening.  Just for fun.  Maybe I can find a partner in crime for that as well.

Today I am getting rid of a few pieces of furniture.  Ahhh.

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