Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Diet: Week 4 Completed

Four weeks people- FOUR.  I'm still a little surprised.  The last week has been the hardest for some reason with strong urges to quit and have a doughnut or whatever I wanted at that moment.  An iced mocha. A caprese salad.  A cookie of any sort.  (After seeing this list perhaps I can blame hormones?)

Anyway today, on the last day of week 4 I messed up.  We were out running errands and up against a schedule and I hadn't brought anything with me, not expecting to be out so long.  There was an Indian restaurant that I thought would be safe.  Not one menu item without a nightshade veggie... Not one.  John had already gotten a plate from the buffet by the time I figured it out and so I just went with it.  Dairy is the first thing I am introducing back in so I chose some palak paneer and saffron rice and pakoras and just enjoyed it.  We'll see how it goes.  I was so hoping for a perfect record and have been diligent.  That isn't usually my style, I'm more fluid than rigid on most things.  I am pretty proud of how well I've done (knowing I still have two months and a beach vacation ahead to really mess it up with.)
I've come up with some pretty good recipes for the protein powder I am using and I even made something a lot like chocolate mousse the other night.  I think I'll try to recreate that tonight.

I am going to finish out the month and start reintroducing June 1st.  I'm thrilled to have dairy back on the table first.  I miss my after dinner cheese snacks.

Ps- Above is my version of a breakfast cookie.  This was my first try and they are pretty good (for diet food excluding all the things you'd normally add to a cookie).  I'll write down the recipe next time and share it if they come out well on round two.

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