Saturday, January 5, 2013

Preparing for becoming a big sibling

Over here we have a house full of preparations.  Gathering birthing and newborn supplies, lanolizing diaper covers, and now just starting to think of storing some food away.  John and I are each at our "assigned" reading each night and Emerson has his own "work."
We have three particular books that have been a lot of fun and spark great discussions and pride in his new coming role.  It is interesting to hear his thoughts and questions.  I always love the ones that start out, "Well, you, know, when I was a baby....."


I'll start at the bottom of the stack.  My midwife gave us "Welcome with Love" to read.  The pictures are sweet, the one telling the story is a boy about E's age.  It is calm and full of little bits about how it will really be.  Mom makes a lot of noise, people cry when the baby is born, there is a picture of the placenta.  All things he may see and hear.  I like that it also is a birth that takes place in the winter and so is even more like what he might really experience.


Next is "What Baby Needs" which is really great in that it shows co-sleeping, nursing and baby wearing.  It also talks about how Mama and Papa will be busy with baby but it doesn't mean they don't love you too.  And it features a little boy just about E's age.  It talks about ways for him to help and all the things he can do that a baby can't.  The conversations this book starts are really helpful.


The top one is E's favorite.  "The Big Sibling Book" was given to me by my friend Sherry.  I didn't know if E would even be into it.  He loves it.  Even though we haven't been able to complete very much he likes to look at it often.  He can't wait to add the details of Sissie's birth.



He loved being "interviewed" to complete the sections so far.

He asks me if Sissie can come out now so he can hold her.  I told him that he had to ask the midwife if the baby is ready and so he helps her measure and listen to the heartbeat at each visit.  He tells us that Sissie will sleep in his bed with him.  He told me he is going to teach Sissie to jump on the trampoline by holding her and jumping (!).  He hugs and kisses my belly and puts his cold hands on me to make her move.  I hope he likes her half as much out of the belly as in.

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