Thursday, January 17, 2013



Tomorrow night John and I are planning on our last planned date forever. :-)  Indian food and a show.  I am going to see if I can still fit into my skinny (maternity) jeans.  I've been wearing nothing but old navy fleece pants and a maxi skirt for weeks now.
It has been raining for days here.  I usually love the rain but this isn't stormy or that warm, just endless drizzle.  We saw blue sky for a few minutes yesterday and I didn't put on my sunglasses because I was enjoying squinting into the little bit of sun.  
Today is 38 weeks.  I've been having contractions every night for the last week and keep thinking, maybe, maybe...  But probably we are waiting it out.  In a few days I will be more pregnant than I ever have been since E came in the middle of week 38.
I've had the energy to finish a few things this last week and at my awesome craft group with childcare, where I get to go every other Friday, I plan to put all the buttons on the crocheted items that are just waiting.  Like me.
I love this bunny.  If we ever have a farm, I am going to have a bunny.  A cuddle bunny.


I put a little item in the sidebar for recipes I am finding that are gluten free and good.  Partly so I can find them again and also for you, if you'd like to try something new.  I am not usually good at recipes, but I also almost never bake.  Because I've never been good at it.  It is more exact and science like than my usual m.o.  I fly from the seat of my pants usually...


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