Tuesday, January 1, 2013


for Sissie 2

Grainy pictures from a rainy day.  But I wanted to share these because I think they are so cute.  E decorated some shirts for Sissie.  I drew the circle and had him add the eyes and arms and legs.  He added the mouth (over the eyes), nose and hair.
He also wanted to decorate the one where you open it so when you change her diaper, "It will be pretty!"  I just tried to keep a straight face.

for Sissie

This was about a 5 minute art project.  Just the right length to keep it happy.

Happy New Year!

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erica said...

Sweet, and that diaper area is... well, I'm thinking it's going to make you smile to help you get over your poop aversion. :) I love love love the onesie that Kent decorated for Dean, and we are keeping that thing forever.