Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby crochet

I've been hooking a whole bunch for this baby.  I love making baby things because they are so small and you feel truly accomplished in a short time.  Also, I don't have to follow much of a pattern with these things anymore.  I'm not all that keen on directions...


I'd like to let you know that all the pink was chosen by E.  He loves it and hopes for Sissie to come out everyday now.  The sweetness is killing me and between the gluten thing and my hormones I am totally in love with him all over again right now.  Sometimes I just want to snuggle kiss him until he can't stand it any  more.


Last night he fell asleep on Papa and me while Papa was reading in front of the fireplace.  I could have eaten him.

{this is still waiting for buttons}

See?  I am supposed to be writing about the things I crocheted for Sissie, but I can't stop thinking of Emerson!  He just told me she should be out in time for dinner.  When Papa gets home.  Morai can catch the baby, he'll cut the cord.


Anyway, I used Little Crochet for the bonnet and I've made several other things from it.  I like the patterns in there but I have to say, the sizing seems a little off.  Or my gauge is way wackier than I think (a great possibility- see the note about following directions...)


The other things are from ravelry.

I am really starting to wonder what this girl will look like.  Will she have the coloring like E?  Or will she keep her blue eyes?  Is she going to have dark hair, or be blonde?  Or strawberry even?  Will she be bigger or smaller than E was?

I guess we'll all know soon enough.


OldBikeRider said...

Soon enough

Anonymous said...

Maybe in time for dinner tomorrow night.