Thursday, January 31, 2013

4 Days Old


On her first day she met all of her grandmas.  One by one they came.  Morai, of course, was here from the beginning, then Nana and finally Oma.  How lucky could a girl be?  Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Justin came too.  Emerson brought everyone in and sang  happy birthday.  Sara came back in the evening just to reconfirm that a baby had been born.  It had all happened so fast!

 holding baby Sissie

On her second day she visited the doctor and got the diagnosis of, "She looks beautiful and healthy!"  Then we stopped by Whole Foods and caused many sighs and gasps.

 family resemblance

On day three we went and got her blood work done.  She cried and screamed while they were squeezing her foot and then passed out as soon as they wrapped her foot up in gauze.  She shows a distinct preference for having her feet covered at all times.  Socks are best, footed sleepers are okay.  Bare is unacceptable.

 kittens mittens

She sleeps and sleeps, through noise and silence.  She is just starting to eat really well. She lifts her head.  She peeks at you briefly with dark grey eyes.  She snuggles and snuggles.  She coos and squeaks.  She had hiccups every night like when she was still in the belly.

 a quizzical brow

On her forth day we are lazying around the house while her brother struggles through some strange illness.  Poor guy just can't seem to get over this.


Missy Webb said...

Oh sweet girl! I wish I could see her and you and John and E, but I thank you for posting these wonderful images so I can enjoy them from afar! So much love to you all! Miss and love you,

OldBikeRider said...

Just four days? Seems like a lot longer to me. I am still planning to come Saturday and see her. I'm loving the pictures and stories.

Laurel Sweeney said...

She is just SO LOVELY, Anilia!!! Mazel tov to all of you!!!