Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Papa!

So, there is this guy I know- He is kind and patient and tolerant.  He is loving and thoughtful.  He does so much for us and we almost never give him his own time without throwing in some little task for him.  But he doesn't often complain.  He rubs my back even when his hurts too.  He takes over for me when he comes home, even though E is at his hardest in those hours.  He loses his patience and then goes back for more, so rarely calling for backup.  He works an extrovert's job all day even though his natural inclination is to be an introvert.

guitar shirt 1

I wanted to make a couple t-shirts for his birthday.  Morai provided the shirts.  I asked E what should go on them.  His first answer? A guitar.  That boy is smart.  Since our printer is not functioning I had to draw it myself.  This is unheard of.  I am pretty sure everyone can tell what it is without any prompting.  UNheard of.

guitar shirt

I also wanted to have a shirt that featured E's artwork because he and his papa spend a lot of their time together drawing and painting.  E made the shape and then drew lines for the monster, I did the rest.  I admit to being selective about which lines I traced.  I just traced the eyes, arms and hair and dropped the rest of the scribbles.

Monster shirt

I love this man and I am so happy to have him as my companion.  I couldn't ask for one more thing.  He makes me so very happy, feel so very loved, and I am supported creatively, as a parent and as I grow as a person.
Thank you for being the man of dreams all these (ten!) years later.  I hope this is the happiest year yet for you, too.

Happy Birthday!!

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