Thursday, July 21, 2011

An "E" Quilt

In August, the Bug starts "school".  I can't believe our little boy has only been with us two years and some months.  I can't imagine being with out him.  When I think about things we did before him I find myself searching those memories for him.  Surely, he has always been with me.  He must have gone rock climbing and camping and caving with us.  I'm sure he was in California that month I worked there.  And then I realize how silly it is.  He is only TWO.  You could say he was there, a tiny egg, an invisible thought, a future I had no idea would come. 


I am excited for us all to start this new phase.  In all honesty, I need to have a break from full-time parenting.  I don't have the energy to keep up every day with such a potent, fresh life.  I also know he craves the time with others his own age and loves the play that he already engages in on the playground with some of his soon to be classmates.
In preparation I have been planning lunch boxes and nap time things.  I'll share more about my solutions for lunch as it gets closer but the nap time stuff is done now. 


A couple weeks ago I let the Bug pick out some fabric from my stash.  I looked at some quilt books with him to see what he might think but he seemed to love all of them (I could hardly blame him!) so I took the design into my own hands.  I wanted something simple.  You all know I love the log cabin block and this is just that really.  When trying to figure out the center rectangle to get the blanket the right size and proportions the idea to make an "E" nearly smacked me in the face.  Um- of course that was the perfect way to start it!!


He helped me cut the strips and even sat at the sewing machine and helped guide the fabric.  It was really great to work with him and see his excitement.  There were times I was working on it while he was watching Plant Earth and he would turn it off to come lay on his "bank."  Be still my heart!


Now he is ready to get "cozy" and nap at school.  And I will know he has a little bit of me right there with him.

E's school quilt


Caroline Small said...

What a marvelous post. That first paragraph, searching for him in memories of before he was born, is one of the finest descriptions of love I've ever read.

Indelible John said...

Is this why he is adding "eee" to the end of all his words now?

AlisaRock said...

That quilt is simply awesome. You are quite talented.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely - looks like old Japanese kimono patterns to me. Your intro about how E has always been there is a treasure. A multi-talented lady - and a beautiful family. xoxo Dorothy Dodge

Anonymous said...

Wow, Anilia: your quilt for Emerson is AMAZING, and your words here could not BE more beautiful...they too are potent with life and love...just WOW. thank you. laurel