Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Bug Bits

{I love this picture sooooo much.  Aren't they just so beautiful?}

Yesterday I was swinging the Bug around in a circle and he told me, "Careful, mama."  I almost dropped him.  My child wants me to be careful?  Really?
Last week he fell and cut his gum away from three teeth on the top.  It was pretty gory.  Amazingly a week later it is almost impossible to tell.  Sunday he broke out in hives.  They are almost gone now.  But you know, after the first day of both things he acted like nothing was wrong.  Because he is tough like that.
Recently he started adding "y" to the end of lots of words.  Cuppy, trucky, Poppy (my favorite), sometimes even Mommy.  It is really, almost painfully, cute sometimes.  He asks us to sing, "Happy, Clappy" when he wants to hear "If your happy and you know it."  He prefers to mix the verses so he can clap, stomp and touch his nose all in one stanza.
He doesn't want to get in the shower until he is in and doesn't want to get out until he is out.  He says, "No" a whole lot.  Sometimes I try to trick him into saying no when he should be saying yes.  It never works.   But at least I get to hear a  yes amidst all the resistance. 
This morning he wanted to make a list.
Him: I make list.
Me: What is on your list?
Him: Kale chips.
His favorite foods remain apple sauce with yogurt.  But now he wants super food powder in it every time.  So funny.

I'm a Little Teapot

He demands to be held by standing in front of you, arms straight out and saying, "Carry!"  We've got him to also add "please" on the end most of the time.
When he sees a laundry basket he tells me, "I folp clothes."  Folp.  Cracks me up.  He can fold wash clothes and napkins pretty well now if he is focused.  Which, honestly, isn't that often. :)

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erica said...

Oh, he and Kent are going to get along even better with this whole "y" thing. Kent is very into that right now, too. "Go-y fishy" is his favorite card game, for example. ;)

I heart Emerson so very much!!

BTW, my word verification is weatol. It sounds like something you'd add to your food to make it healthier. Very appropriate here.