Monday, July 4, 2011

My Dad

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You may have noticed my list of "inspirations" over on the side and I hope you've had the chance to click on a few.  One of them is my dad, Old Bike Rider.  My dad has been an inspiration to me as long as I can remember.  We've been lucky that we've always really clicked.  I've always thought we are very alike and I've always been proud of that.
He is the kind of person that you can depend on to help you do anything.  He can tell you how to fix your sink over the phone.  He can take great photographs.  He can wrangle farm animals or college students.  He can help you choose fabric for a sewing project and tires for your motorcycle.  Or anything for your motorcycle.  You can talk to him about life, love, catastrophes, mechanics, God, celebrations or food.
He will take care of you when you need it if you are his child, parent, spouse, friend or stranger.  He will let you believe what is true for you even when it isn't true for him.
This summer he is spending all of July riding across the country and back following a path laid out in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  He is doing it for lots of reasons but as he was planning it he realized that he could use this trip also to help others.  He wanted to raise money for families that have been effected by PTSD and found an organization called Not Alone.  Through them he is collecting money as sponsorships for his ride.  Any amount is helpful.  His goal is one dollar a mile.  That adds up to over $7000.  All to help men and women and families effected by war.  What a gift that is to give!
I am putting the sponsorship link in the sidebar for the month of July.  If you are able to donate please do!  You never know who it will help.  Let's show him that he is truly Not Alone on this journey!  You can follow his progress on his blog Old Bike Rider.

Have a fabulous Independence Day celebration!

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AlisaRock said...

What an awesome dad you have! Thanks for sharing.