Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: Spirituality


There are many aspects to a healthy, happy life.  You are what you eat they say- but you also are what you think, believe and feel.  For so many people, finding a way to express their spirituality goes a long way towards health and happiness.  I, myself, am still riding high from last weekends experiences.  Hearing of people who have had lives full of hardship and still turn into beacons of light and happiness for others help you see how strong a faith can make you.
I use the word faith in the broadest sense I can imagine.  Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims all have a faith.  But there are also plenty of people who use looser categories to define themselves.  The medical community has been studying people to find the links between faith and health and while there are studies that go both ways it is obvious that having a personal faith can change our brains and our health.
The other night, after a hectic day filled with injuries and other stresses I crawled into bed much later than my usual time.  I was so tired but couldn't find a comfortable place in bed.  After fighting for an hour to get my "monkey mind" to slow down I turned to meditation to quiet the incessant chatter.  I think it took 10 minutes.  The next morning, despite the lack of sleep I was able to rise an hour earlier than usual and be productive and (more importantly) parent in a gentle way (which is not generally the case when I am tired.)

Where do you find peace?

ps- here is a great article about some simple, tiny steps to help you become more present in everyday life.

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