Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Block- Spooky

The theme was "Spooky."  You have to love that, right?  The color I had to incorporate was yellow.

October quilt block

When I first heard the theme my thought was, "Boo!" I looked around at other things.  I thought of making a ghostie, or a full moon.  I didn't get around to it until way late.  I was scared to make the letters without a pattern.  (Why?  I have no idea.  If I have learned anything in the last three years (can you believe it??) it is that all these silly things I build up in my head are much easier to actually do than imagine.  Remind me that next time I am stalling on something.)  In searching the glorious, full of information, world wide web, I came across a person (who I have lost now- blerg!) who said something simple and brilliant like, "Most letters are made using the idea of a log cabin block."  At which point I cut some strips and sat down at my machine with the iron on behind me.

October quilt block

I love this one.  Only the radishes come close in how I feel about the completed product.  I hope my partner likes it too.

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Liz said...

I have the same experience all the time -- psyching myself out over things and them never being as hard as I think: particularly lately with quilting (which I've been having fun with lately) and with bread baking (which I've had some unsuccessful times with but I think I may have a success rising now!) Your quilting square is very cute and I love the way you did the B.