Monday, June 14, 2010

June Block - Eat

June block- Eat

When I asked Senor what the theme for June was going to be and he said, "Eat!" I didn't quite know what to do. I almost asked him to pick something else. We have been working on the food issues in this house for the last year but recently, it seems to me, there have been more conversations going on under this topic. One of the biggest changes since I started staying home is that I make dinner and so I do most of the grocery shopping and planning. While this isn't a bad thing, per say, it is important to recognize that I like eating a whole lot but I do not like cooking very much at all. I am not terrible at it, I just have very little interest in everyday cooking. I might like to throw something together for a party. But probably not. If it were just me sandwiches, frozen pizza and crackers with hummus would be about all I ate.
So it has been great to finally find a few cook books that hold my interest enough to (sort of) follow the recipes. A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen: Easy Seasonal Dishes for Family and Friends has been so awesome.  It is organized by season and full of flavor but not complication. 
The other things we are talking about all the time are weaning and what the Bug might want to eat (or share with the dog, or toss on the floor...) 
And now, the CSA is here and there are fresh beautiful foods in our fridge just begging for me to do something inventive with them.  And that is where these radishes came from.  Out of my little head and then- how to make this??  I didn't want to do any applique.  But I couldn't find any patterns to make what I wanted.  So I drew it on a sheet of paper and cut out the pieces (luckily I thought of labeling them before I got to far along!  Can you imagine how ridiculous that would have been?? ha! )  I was a little surprised when it worked like I wanted it to.  There are so few things that end up that way....
( You can tell how I feel about cooking by the way that there isn't even a tag in my list about food... heheh.  But I'll be back with even more from the kitchen soon. :)

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Mama24Monkeys said...

When you first posted this block I thought "Wow what a cute block, whoever gets it is in for a treat" not realizing you were making it for me! It showed up in my mailbaox today and looks even cuter in person. Thanks! Karie