Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craft Hope

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This last week I have been rocking my way through a long action item list and feeling very good about it. My whole life is ups and downs of productivity like anyone (?) but I do a whole lot more thinking about doing than actually doing. But when the list gets longer I just have to get to work because it messes with my head space.

tshirt carnage

(Ignore the dirty floor but check out the passed out pooch. So sweet, she wanted to help.)

The first thing I had to complete was our donation for Craft Hope. They are organizing the donation of probably millions of towels to help with cleaning animals affected by the oil spill. I don't have a good picture of the finished project because the light was bad. (Which hardly matters. It just looks like stacks of fabric anyway.) I only have this picture of the left overs. Senor (the saint) and I stayed up late one night this week and cut up about 50 t shirts that his company had given us to do this with. That works out to something like 250 washcloths and hand towels. Which is quite a bit of cutting. Luckily, cotton knit doesn't ravel so there was no sewing. Whew! That would have been crazy. I am so happy that we could help. I made a purchase from the Craft Hope for Haiti project they did and that is when I found out about them. I love what they are doing. I love being able to do something to be part of it. I try, very hard, not to be too involved with the world outside my little scope of "home". I don't watch tv, I don't read the paper. I probably hear less than 2 hours of npr each week. And I like it that way. Right now my job is to focus on this little person and our little family and make sure we are present and together.
But I know there are things going on out there. Terrible things that I cannot control or help or even begin to understand. Craft Hope gives me something different. I don't have to wonder where my money might go or what their politics are. I can just help. Really help. So thank you, Craft Hope ladies! The world is a better place because you exist. You give us the chance to make sure it is.
{I was going to write about some of those other things ticked off my list but I think this should just stand on its own. Come back soon for crochet, bread baking(!!!!) and a crazy idea I have about sewing.}

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cat-tas-tick said...

hi. i am in western NC organizing gulf clean up effort items. your pics look like you are also somewhere close. we should talk! email peace.