Monday, July 26, 2010

July Block- Swealter {and other experiments}

Weirdly, at the end of this weekend I felt as if I hadn't gotten anything done.  This must mean I am insane cause looky here:
I made three blocks for this month.  I couldn't help it.  I didn't like how the first one was going and then once I decided to go with a more traditional log cabin style I knew I would need one for myself too.  Because I am very selfish about log cabin blocks.  Especially pretty, contrasty ones.
 This was the first try.  I wanted to do the log cabin once I had found the fabric and came across this wonky style.  It turned out too wonky for me to like enough to send it away.  And it will NOT lay flat.  But it is interesting.

 Quilt Blocks- Swealter

The second try I went ahead and made two of them because making two is as easy as making one if you know where you are going with it.  I ran out of strips and so only one of them is 10" and the other one then stays here with me.  I LOVE how they turned out.

For Barbara:

Quilt Blocks- Swealter

For me:

Quilt Blocks- Swealter
A close up for you:

Quilt Blocks- Swealter

The wonky one and the other one I kept will be becoming chair pads for the little chairs at the Bug's table.
After I was done with that I felt the need to whip out some little coasters for our table.  A certain someone is about 31 inches tall and can reach just about anything on the table.  So no more placemats for a while, but I can't stand a sweaty glass on our table so now we have these cuties:

Quick Coasters

They were made from three pieces of sample fabric that came with an order a while ago and some other scrappy bits.  I knew I would find a use for those cute samples.  And that is the carrot bread (so yummy) I made on Sunday while the empanadas I was making baked.  And we went to the Aquarium again.  And on Saturday we went to a company cookout for Senor's work.  How is it that I feel like I didn't get anything done???


Mom A said...

It's good you stopped and reflected. One often feels they haven't made progress...but when you stop and enumerate the results are different then the felling...surely there is a psychological explanation...

sharon said...

are all very nice. i think i like the 'wonky' one the best.

JoannaP said...

I love those coasters. And some empanadas. Nice work!