Thursday, July 29, 2010

At 15 Months~


artscape 2010 - jesus loves freaks

: Are trying to jump.
: Have boundless energy.
: Love snuggling.  Mama, Papa, Zo Bear, Sydney, pillows, blankets, bed, whatever.  Let's just snuggle.
: Want to be out and about.
: Like to go through books at whirlwind pace and then go back to the best pictures over and over.
: Think it is so funny when Papa makes the boar sound.
: Have just discovered hide and seek.  This is also fall down funny.
: Are almost weaned.
: Have started sitting on the potty again.  But mostly you like peeing on the floor.
: Love your picture book.  We look at it several times a day.
: Put your foot out to be tickled.
: Like Papa to name everything on the counter for you.
: Understand just about everything we say.
: Like to sit in your carseat when it is in the house.
: Have started to pretend.
: Started dancing.
: Bring us endless joy.
: Dislike being evicted from the kitchen for eating dog food.
: Love and fear the vacuum.
: The vacuum aside, you seem to have no other fear.  Even if it would be good for you.
: Have teeth coming in that seem to be trying to kill you.

{31 inches and 21 lbs, 9oz.} 

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Mom A said...

You will be so glad you did this, and so will he. Love ya.