Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working it

Today Senor and the Bug are visiting grandma's house.  So I have been working on this:

Bug baby sweater sample

And this:

Baby blanket, Sweeter
And these:

working it 012
The sweater is a new sample for the baby sweater class ( I just realized I never put up a picture of that.  I am far too distracted!) I teach at Lovely Yarns in Hamden.  I am taking July and August off (you know because I work sooo much :) and finishing up a few new patterns (like for the cape) to teach starting in the Fall.  I have a couple of these on order for babies arriving towards the end of summer.  I love crocheting for babies.  I feel like you can add love and blessings in each stitch.

The blanket is for a wonderful friend who keeps coming back for more items.  It seems like every time she has a gift to give she asks if I can make it.  I love that.  I can't even begin to tell you what a compliment it is.  There will be many more of these little quote blankets I am sure.

The last picture is silliness.  I wanted something to represent the inside of my head which has been very busy and now that I have had the chance to listen to it, I think there may be some future plans working themselves out.  How amazing is that??

It is such a strange feeling to be walking around the house without a small person chasing me and not worrying about how much noise I am making.  Thanks babe, I needed that!

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