Thursday, July 8, 2010

GSC Project 1

GSC Project 1, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.
This is the Simplicity 2599 blouse I made. This picture is not of the completed shirt, I added a ruffle around the neck also. Yesterday I had it on all day and never got a picture of it. Such is life. A certain someone was on the go and that was that.
This picture doesn't make the blouse look very flattering. I am not sure that it is quite that boxy looking in action but it certainly is comfortable. If I threw a belt on with it that would be cute. The next one I make I think I am going to add the elastic waist. But it is a woven shirt so it shouldn't fit like a t-shirt.
The modifications I made:
I lowered the neckline about an inch (this means I had to change the facing as well.)
I cut the back on the fold instead of making it two pieces (ditto about the facing.)
Maybe not a mod, but worth mentioning is I used french seams on the sides and shoulders. No messy inside finishes. I am trying to focus on things like that as much as the outside. I want these items to last and look neat. I don't want people to guess it is home sewn by the finishing details. I want them to guess because it looks too nice to be bought at Target.

My first few temptations in this have already come up. I had to unsubscribe to all the emails I get about sales from the fun shopping places and thought I was safe and then I got a catalog in the mail. I also went into a sports store the other day (I know- crazy!) and had to high tail it past the yoga clothes.
I'm glad shoes don't count as clothing. I like to shop. I can also see housewares sucking me in as a diversion...


tedspeed said...

Wait.... shoes don't count? uh-oh.

Mom A said...

She got the Imelda gene from her grandmother Sissie, who was an investor in a shoe store.

OldBikeRider said...

Yoga clothes? I didn't know people wear clothes when they do yoga.