Thursday, October 22, 2009

Out of Service

Fall walk

Ah ha! I am back and still a little tired with a slight hangover like feeling but I think I am really on the mend. I walked all the way to Charles Village and back today so I must not be dying...
I don't have any idea what I had. No fever but one afternoon and night of puking followed by a day of thinking I was better followed by a little more sick time. And then I thought I was better, and then I felt bad the next day... quite the roller coaster (ha- with similar results.) Right now I think I am better, again. So if it holds though tomorrow I'm declaring victory. Wish me luck.
In other news I am approaching my 200th post on this blog. In honor of sticking with it for so long I am planning a giveaway. Stick around. I promise it will be fun.
There are also some things I am trying to get going behind the scenes here and I hope to be able to unveil them at that time as well. There are also a few crafty things floating around that have yet to be photographed so I can share them with you properly. The light is brilliant today, maybe I will get it together.

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