Friday, October 9, 2009

Blog thought

emerson 5 months 029

Some days I walk around with a running blog writer going in my head. This week seems to be one of those days, and yet- no blog has been written. But you know, it it the thought that counts. Right?
This week the Bug has learned about yelling. And screaming more recently. Which is really funny and totally changes the experience of eating in a restaurant. Until now I have not gotten one evil look even if my boob is sitting on the table. Last night I am sure we got some. I was too absorbed in watching him to notice but I don't think it is ever happy for your fellow diners when your baby reaches that octave. Even if it is only for a moment. The table right next to us thankfully was already in love with him before he turned up the volume. I feel like we might have hi-jacked their evening.
In other news he slept with us all last night because yesterday there was a mouse in his bed. That's right, in. his. bed. Ack! So, yeah, we are working on that... There are two parts of me vying against each other on this- one feels sooooo bad about poisoning tiny mice (don't worry, there is no way E can be exposed) and the other part wants them gone, gone, gone! from the house this instant. But the catch and release things never work because a) they come back or b) you forget and they die a long death of starvation. :( And seriously- they are getting into my infant's bed! I shouldn't feel bad about getting rid of them! Who knew I was so tender hearted?
Okay- back to Bug entertainment. Have a great weekend!

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Mom A said...

Is he growing or what, do I need to be lifting weights too...I know you are. Love yas...