Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy, busy or Linktastic!

What a packed weekend we had! So full of all the lovely weekend-type things that we almost needed an extra day just to rest.
On Friday Senor's mom (Mommom) came up for some business in town and we went out to eat at Clementine. Can I tell you how wonderful the food was??? So, so good. I must say it is one of the only meals I have eaten out in Baltimore recently that has wowed me. I did find some amazing places this summer while traveling but not here. I have kind of become snobby about food since working for the cafe. I want the food to be really good if we are going to have to pay for it. Clementine was perfect- inventive but approachable, rich but not heavy and oh, so yummy! It didn't hurt that we know the chef. Anyway, if you are in town- go there!
Saturday after a haircut for me, dentist appointments for both of us and a quick trip to the store we met back up with Mommom at the aquarium. We all had a great time watching the Bug enjoy the fish and water. I am pretty sure it is the first time I have ever been where I didn't read anything, not one label or sign. I just watched his face and looked at what he was watching trying to imagine what it must seem like through those tiny eyes. Pure magic.

aquarium 013

After that we waited out some serious rain and then off to the Thirsty Dog for pizzas and Pitango (affagato, yum!) for dessert. The dog almost didn't recognize us when we got home after being out for so long.
On Sunday we met Erica's mom and her husband Bill and Morgan and Brian for brunch at Miss Shirley's. Did you know they have a Inner Harbor location? And yes, more food was consumed. I really do love breakfast. And eating in general. I think I got that from my Dad. :)
After that it was pumpkin carving time. As so often happens, I had an idea and Senor made it happen. He is so fantastic. Isn't it awesome?

pumpkin 025

Then today there was the Bug's first swim class which was a total success. He is upstairs sleeping it off as I type. So much water to splash and so little time. At one point I had a pool noodle under his arms and he was kind of floating on his belly with his ankles crossed behind him. Arghh! the cuteness may kill me.
And tonight? Date night and Where the Wild Things Are!

Click the pictures for more pumpkin fun!


kayla said...

Sounds like a fun-filled weekend. I'd love to hear more about his swim lessons. We've considered having Cora do the infant swimming program since we're in FL and Earl's parents have a pool.

sharon said...

it looks like a pumpkin house inside - trippy