Wednesday, October 28, 2009

At six months

Emerson 6 months, originally uploaded by Mr & Mrs Speeed.

Are practicing frowning.
Love to splash water and test other things (like blankets and food) to see if they splash too.
Like talking to the dog.
Have stopped sleeping very much at night.
Grab everything and try it out for taste.
Can drink from your own glass and sometimes help me with mine.
Love music.
Just started 'dancing' by moving one foot while standing or bending both knees.
Love the jumper.
Love the ergo for naps, walks and house chores.
Grab my face and latch onto my chin.
Aren't really so interested in the food part of eating.
Are sitting more and more.
Roll and wiggle off the sheep skin.

You are 27 inches long and 17lbs and 4 oz.

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Little Apple said...

He is just the cutest! I love the fall colors on him. It's amazing how quickly time passes. These posts are going to mean a lot to you and John.