Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ohhh, creepy!

Jar lanterns

These jar lanterns got finishing touches from Senor over the weekend while I was working. Jeremy was kind enough to use his fabulous camera to take dark pictures of them tonight.

I used acrylic paints because I didn't have oils as suggested. I would have put another layer of orange on the inside but Senor liked them all drippy. Which isn't normally how I roll but he is really the arty one so I listened to him. And he said it added to the creepy factor...

I do think they are cool. I kind of want to make them for every holiday. So easy, practically free, and endless options. Yay!

E with lanterns 2

Aren't Jeremy's pictures great?? It just blows my mind... Thanks man!


sharon said...

Very cool - where was this second pic taken? creepy and fun

anilia said...

These are at Jeremy and Crissy's. We walked over for the photo shoot.