Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sissie at 13 Months~


:Give the biggest, sloppiest kisses.  The other night you were nursing and stopped to kiss me and then started again.  So flipping cute.
:Get angry about not getting the phone as a chew toy.  For real.
:Just want to walk around and around at  night and so have a hard time settling.
:Are drooling like a champ.
:Like to climb onto stools, low chairs, into boxes and cabinets.
:Love the porch.  You want to go out warm or cold, socks or bare.  Let's just get out there!
:Crawl into the toy bins to sit with your things.
:Are kind of a picky eater.
:Like the legos and magnaformers almost as much as Emerson.
:Love Emerson.  You want to go visit him after he has gone to bed and hug and kiss him all day.  You laugh at all his jokes.  You think he is amazing.  He is very proud of his little sister.
:Put your finger out to ask to hold a hand for a walk.  So sweetly.
:Have just realized we have stairs you can climb right outside our front door.
:Are beginning night weaning, but I wouldn't say it is going all that well.  However, it has given me a bit of break so I am not so tired.
:Love your Papa and give him the flirtiest smiles, reach for him and wave.  This has become stronger since he started helping get you to sleep more at night.
:Are so very, very sweet.  And funny!

{We all adore you and are having so much fun watching you learn new things.  Emerson keeps yelling out, "Look, mama, look!  She's walking!"  He is so proud of your love for him and your new skills.  We all like snuggle you to pieces.}

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