Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Oh, my!  The weather, people, the weather!  Schools here are starting Saturday make up days now.  You know it has been crazy.

Yesterday we were able to go outside and enjoy the not-so-freezing and not-much-snow-left super dirty muddiness.  Where it is actually pleasant to feel the things around you with your hands and with a few extra layers even a little little can crawl around without needing bread bags taped over her legs.  (I kid you not.)

Emerson dug around a little and you could see under the leaves and dirt the plants are almost ready to start growing.  You could see the moss starting to fuzz up.  I am trying not to rush through, but you know, Spring is so much more alluring than the mud and snow.  And with a baby on the cusp of toddler-hood I know she'll be so excited to be down on the ground more.

She is at the very-nearly-walking phase where you often turn around to find them taking a few steps surreptitiously.   And then, plop! back into crawling.  She also does this ridiculously adorable side step while pulling her arms up to her chest and spreading them again thing that makes me giggle.  Sometimes I want to nibble her a bit, she is so scrumptious!

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