Monday, February 10, 2014

Loosening up

I finished the arm warmer a few days ago.  It looks lovely, no glaring errors.  Except it is about the right size for Emerson...  Whoops.  I didn't check my gauge.  I didn't check it because with crochet I have never had an issue.  And also, because I am lazy.  And also it really didn't cross my mind that I could get that far off with the right sized needles for it to matter.  So anyway, apparently I hold too much tension on the yarn.  I can't imagine where it comes from... Hmmff!

So, I've started something a little more forgiving in terms of gauge with a larger sized needle than recommended and making a big effort to hold the yarn loosely.  It is this beauty.  I'm excited that I decided to look up the crazy stitch abbreviation because the whole thing is super simple to to even though it looked intimidating to me.  Hopefully it will fit over my head in the end. ;)

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