Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Sissie learned to go up stairs today.  She has likely been able to do it for a month or more but today was her first chance.  We have no stairs inside our apartment (which was one of the selling points.  After living in the big house we first moved to we realized that a home without stairs has many benefits.)  Anyway, it was amazing to see her size up the stairs and then just go for it.  We didn't have a chance to try down yet.  I imagine that will be next month.
Today was the first day for E back at school after the holiday break.  I was afraid when I thought it'd be cancelled because of the polar vortex but luckily our teachers also felt it was time to start up again.  I was the parent teacher so it wasn't the kind of break I'm really ready for but it was still a wonderful morning.
His school does a theme each month and now the kids do research projects each round and he drew the Arctic Ground Squirrel as his subject. (They are studying the Arctic.)  I love his school.  They expect a lot from him and give him a lot.  And Sissie gets to come along on teaching days and gets lots of love from all the other kids.
So we are trying to stay warm, despite the ice crystals on the insides of our windows.  Hope you are staying warm and learning new skills too!

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