Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sissie at One Year~


:Are such a dream come true.
:Have four snaggly teeth on the top and two neat teeth on the bottom.
:Just climbed onto a stool in the kitchen tonight for the first time.  ACK!
:Like to "talk" now when you nurse.  Suck, suck, pop, "Dah blah dah?"  Suck, suck, pop, "Gah dah ma."  Suck, suck, pop, "Gah dah. Dah blah!"
:Like to play with the dog.  You pick up her toy and hold it for her.  She comes over and gently takes it from you.  Repeat.
:Like to eat but are already getting a little picky.
:Crawl very fast and determined with a slap slap as your hands hit the floor.
:Love to look at the yarn shelf...
:Wrinkle your nose, show your teeth and sniff/laugh at things when you think it is a joke.
:Love banana bread cake. :)
:Get coy with your food. Turning away and sniff-giggling then coming back to do it again when we feed you.
:Like to take apart your brothers magnaform creations.
:Are getting really into taking books off the shelves.
:Open your cabinet, pull all the things out and then get in.
:Love all your dollies.
:Took a step two nights ago without even knowing you'd done it.
:Love to look at the pictures of family on the wall in the living room.
:Look at picture books and point at the pictures and then point to yourself.  I do not know what you are trying to say exactly, but I am sure you'll be letting us know soon.
:Like cat pictures especially.
:Snuggle like a pro and always want to know where mama is.
:Hold out your index finger for the exploding finger game over and over.
:Are sweet and friendly to almost everyone but don't want to be away from mama too much.

{You weigh 20lbs even and are 27.75" long (tall?)}

You bring us joy and remind us to take time to slow down and enjoy each moment.  We are all so thankful for your smiles and hugs.  We love and adore you!  I can't believe it has already been one year!!


Peggy Zortman said...

And she is more beautiful every day. I can not tell you how much I enjoy your monthly updates on your blog.

Anilia Hornsby said...

Oh I am so glad! They are most of her baby book. And already it has been such a pleasure to have his to look through.