Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday dress

I must tell you I am still quite perplexed to find myself with a One year old baby.  How has this happened?  How could she still seem so small and baby-like?  I am not sure if I am just delusional or if Emerson actually was farther along at this age.  He was really trying to walk I think, and that makes a difference.  Also, there wasn't a 4.75 year old to compare him to.  I know that makes her seem smaller.
She is a delightful creature.  Full of smiles and jokes.  Easily frustrated and easily calmed.

This was made using the same pattern for the hedgehog dress.  I still didn't cut the front and back pieces in two, just added a little extra in the front to make the gather.  Emerson picked the shoulder buttons and I came across these felt buttons I have had since E turned one.  I put them on to remind of a dog foot print as our party was, of course, a wolf party.

I made this hoping it would be her birthday dress but it turned out to be a maxi on her.  Which might be cute after she is walking but is just too much right now.  It is only the next size up pattern in the set so I am not sure why it is so long on her unless it is just that she is so short, only in the 10th percentile right now.  In which case I'll have to start measuring the patterns before cutting from now on.  (Or at least before hemming!)

It is linen and so I am sure she'll wear it all year long, now with layers, later on it's own.  The color is decidedly grey though it looks bluish in these pictures taken on a snowy afternoon.  This is one of the first fabrics I ever bought and I have wanted to make the dress below for myself for years.  This summer will hopefully be the one and then we'll be a little matchy.  But who ever minded that?