Thursday, January 30, 2014


People.  I am actually knitting.  And it is fun!  And going well.

I decided that 2014 will be the year I actually get the hang of knitting.  I've tried a number of times and it always ends in boredom or tears.  I think this time it will be different.  I've even already finished a project!

I got this book because I saw the review on Amy Karol's blog and I loved all the images of the patterns it offers.  I have to say I am glad that I already knew the basics of knitting though and I've been grateful for  Unless it is just that I am unable to focus any longer due to the influence of children, I would say that it'd be pretty hard to figure out how to knit for the first time just from this book.  But the patterns?  Still gorgeous and I am hoping do-able with a little internet and in person tutelage.  

I made a hat from it for Emerson.  I didn't have the right sized yarn or needles (you need a lot of stuff for knitting.  It does seem excessive to a crocheter!)  I had smaller and figured I could make the hat anyway and it would fit someone in the house.  Turned out Emerson was the winner.  He proudly wears this very beginner looking hat each day to school.  Love that about him...

I am on the the fingerless gloves having finally (after a few send backs) getting a set of circular interchangeables.   This first one is already double this size it was in this picture.  I grab it for a few rows each day somehow.  I love looking at the perfect little v's as they stack on top of each other.

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