Monday, July 2, 2012

Writing and other bits.

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I started reading Julia Cameron's The Right to Write last night.  I even completed the first exercise.  I picked up the book in Asheville months ago but just got around to it.  I wrote a lot about death.  I thought that was weird at first but it does make sense.  I also wrote about some items I am anxious about.  Apparently I have issues.  :)  Who knew?  I really didn't realize I was worried about so many things before. 
I think this is the best way to worry (which doesn't seem like the right word- worry is active and this is definitely subconscious.)  Have each thing working itself out quietly in the background.  Having trust that it will all work out gives life this happy, simple flow.  Each moment you have a chance to do or not do and as long as you are full of good intentions no matter what happens, in the end, it works out.  I believe that.  There is some gentle way to live between Nihilism and taking full control and responsibility for each and every movement around you.  A sweet, soft, middle way.  Sometimes I think it is called synergy.  When you are flowing on the right path, it does just that: flow.  When you are working so hard to struggle through it may be that something needs adjusting. 
In other news E loves Pinocchio.  I never remember noticing that Jimminy Cricket is a) a terrible conscience b) has quite the eye for ladies c) not very cricket like.
This weekend we get to gather with my side of the family to celebrate a few birthdays.  I am looking forward to hugging everyone a lot.

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