Monday, July 9, 2012

Pouring out

cup and pitcher

We haven't talked about this guy in a while.  He likes to have a pitcher and glass.  Honestly, he is less likely to make a mess with this glass set up than with a larger cup.  He knows just when to stop pouring.  He should, he has been doing it for a year or more.
His language is now very, very good.  There are still some sounds he struggles with.  Many words that start with an "s" followed by another consonant sound exactly the same.  But other than that, you'd be hard pressed to misunderstand him. 
When he gets hurt, even if it is really bad, he will struggle through the tears to tell you that it is going to get better.  This is funny, sweet, and heartbreaking all in the same moment. 
He takes care of Deedle, is his papa, and tells me, "Deedle is so sweet!"  Deedle is his baby, his best friend and the child of many mama's and papa's.
He asks me about mama's and papa's and babies of everything.  Where is the bug's mama?  Her babies?  Where is Desi's babies?  Are you Desi's mama?  What about that lady?  Where is her baby? 
He says sweet, funny things like, "It was so great to meet them!" and "I want to stay there all night long!"
He took this picture (don't you love the light?):

by emerson


OldBikeRider said...

Great photo - great kid. But I am biased.

erica said...

I love handing them the camera. :) We have an album of Kent's favorite photos that he's taken, and a GIANT folder on the computer (because we often end up with 20 blurry pictures in a row of his feet). I love the stuff E is saying, too!

Pouring is a great skill to practice. :) One of the things that Montessori teachers do is to start kids off with just a little water to pour from one vessel into another, and then they put a lot of water after the kids have gotten used to pouring, so that they learn that they need to stop before it overflows. All done on a tray, of course... but it's something they learn by doing, and that's great that you're letting him practice so much. :)