Friday, July 20, 2012

Right now, I love:


: The sound of Emerson playing (bands, catching fish, rolling cars to Desi...) with his Moriah.
: The ease of dinners this week as I remembered to take my own advise and use my meal planner.
: The sound and feel of rainy, misty days.  And storms.
: The fun of wrapping presents for friends in painted paper and then covering them with stickers.
: The thought of painting the dining room a lighter, brighter white.
: A really great book that is helping keep me right where I belong. Parenting for Peace.
: The thought of a weekend coming.  Yay for weekends and Papas and Grandmas!
: The thought of my dad having a great time at VMD this year.

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OldBikeRider said...

Thanks, I did have a great time at VMD and thought (and spoke) of our time there together often.

For the first time I did not run into anyone other than Craig Vetter that I knew. The hostel was almost empty and the current host is a play-write and overall very interesting guy. Also, they installed air conditioning and Termperpedic beds while I was there which made it an even better experience. Did I forget to mention the coffee machine?