Monday, July 16, 2012


tomatoes 004

I love that we are now in the season that our garden dictates our meals to some extent.  Would you like some cherry tomatoes with that? No? Well, here, have them anyway.  I love being able to eat from the garden too.  The problem?  I have no interest in maintaining the garden.  Or maybe, that isn't exactly true but I have two very strong objections to working out there.
One is the heat.  As I get older my ability to withstand heat gets lower.  Sometime after I moved to Baltimore I got heat stroke working on my car in front of an Advanced Auto.  Let me tell you, the guys who worked there were really impressed until I fell over.  Then they were kind enough to bring me in and sit me down and get me some water.  I can be still in the shade in Baltimore heat, but bending and standing repeatedly to pull weeds makes me dizzy as anything. (Heck, standing up inside in air conditioning can make me black out, so I guess that is no surprise.)
The other problem is mosquitoes.  For real.  They love me like butter loves bread.  I'll walk to the garden and pick a couple leaves of something and come back with 5 bites on the legs and 4 on the neck.  All of which will swell into huge welts with white centers making some strange Jurassic continent map.  And if I have that many, Emerson has twice as many all over his face and little legs swelling the same way.  Apparently he got that from me.  Sorry kiddo!
So, for the mean time, John does most of the work out there after planting.  And, let's face it, he already has a whole lot of responsibilities.  So the garden only gets so much attention and we only get so much yield.  That's okay most of the time- who can eat 6 heads of cabbage at the same time anyway?
I hope that some day we will live in a magical place where heat is tolerable and mosquitoes are non-exsistant.  Or at least we can maintain a gardener. ;)  Until then- anyone want a cherry tomato?

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