Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking forward


I'm so excited!!  There are several things currently going on that are making me giddy.  One is I just bought this book (for the record though- I bought it at my local bookstore, Atomic Books but I couldn't find it on their website) and I am eager to start tracing patterns and cutting fabric.  This will be facilitated by another thing that is making me giddy and that is that our little Bug will be spending a week at Camp Oma at the end of July.  So I may actually have a chance to make some things.  What?  A whole day to sew you say??  A whole week?? Crazy talk!
In addition to sewing the possibility of sleeping in until I am actually ready to get up is brilliant.  And also nap or whatever if I want.  My mother is the best.  She did this last year too and it is amazing how refreshing a week off is.  This year she'll have three little boys.  Because she is fearless like that. 
We also may be doing some painting around the house because three years of small child leaves a whole lot of marks and scuffs.  And we've been here five years so maybe it is time for a little refreshing.  I always want to make things all white recently.  You can see the way I am leaning in the last year or so here.  John isn't so much in love with this, but I really love the brightness and simplicity.  Those might be my favorite words right now.  Bright. Simple.


OldBikeRider said...

Don't lose sight of the fact that you will get him back a new kid. Ready for change?

We are looking forward to a whole week of spoiling grandkids and then a whole week of sleep.

And for the record I hate this new "interpret the modern art" security system. The federal government sites I use are easier. I didn't say that, honest officer.

Crissy said...

Are you interested in doing something "girly" on Tuesday? I'm off!

erica said...

I have a giant list of things I would love to do during that magical week, too. (1) B&B weekend! (2) Enjoy food with my husband that my kids hate. (3) Ride all the roller coasters with my husband at Kings' Dominion. (4) Wander around the cool hipster part of downtown that I haven't really explored yet. (5) Sew. (Yes, crazy talk, I agree.) (6) Sleep. (7) Sleep some more. (8) Miss my kids. A little. :)