Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garden Rocks


Oh my, oh my!  I've been wanting to share this for about a month.  We have this little area at the front of our garden bed that has never quite been right.  Everything I put in there gets burnt up by the sun or crushed by the people who walk by every day.


In adding more zen to my life I thought a rock garden might be just the thing.  It doesn't photograph so well, but I really do think it looks pretty.


And after we started we just couldn't stop.  I also filled in the ugly, weed filled open square on our sidewalk and the Bug picked some pansies and phlox to go in it.  He and the other kids on the block were such great help for this project.  It was great to see them all playing in the dirt and working together.  Everything seems to be doing really well!

It is so much more pleasant now!


{Speaking of pleasant, aren't the new big pictures wonderful??!}

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