Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flying lessons


It seemed like as good a day as any other to learn to fly.  We were at Yorktown on this day.  We enjoyed the water and the walking and the ice cream.  We had such a nice time exploring and playing together all week.  Every time the Bug has been with his Aunt Carolyn they make such a magical connection.  It is really amazing to watch.
We visited Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown last week.  One night John and I even went out to see a show and drink an ale at the tavern.  We actually got to play together every night thanks to Nana, Pappy and Carolyn.  Since we were staying in two attaching apartments on a little resort kind of place it was pretty easy.  John and I brushed up on our putt-putt skills and had conversations without any competition to finish a sentence.
The Bug is so funny with his talking non-stop now.  Interrupting every second to say, "Mama, what are you talkin' about?"  Which mostly makes me giggle inside and sometimes makes me want to scream.  I always reply, "If you were listening, you would know what I am talking about."
He is starting to say, "Excuse me," sometimes when interrupting.  I find all of this funny because I still somehow think of him as my quiet little guy with just a few words.  And while that hasn't been true for six or eight months, I have not quite caught up.

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OldBikeRider said...

Such a special picture and such a nice time to have some time to yourselves. Thanks to the Hornsby clan for such a nice vacation.