Monday, May 17, 2010

To Remember

Emerson Explorer

I hear birds chirping through the monitor as I write this. That means they are singing in Emerson's dreams too. :)
He started really walking on Wednesday. He just let go and went, like the story people card. He just couldn't get enough. On Thursday, more. On Friday, more. On Saturday I bet he walked half a mile around Canton. On Sunday he started carrying things while walking. Today he is stopping and bending down to pick up things and continuing on. From the beginning he was stopping, turning, avoiding obstacles. He has fallen once and split his lip a little. Other than that he has miraculously gotten his hands in front of his face for every time he didn't fall in a self controlled way. Amazing and so fast.
He pulls himself into our bed now. He turns around to get out feet first and lowers himself gently. I am so surprised to see him walk in to us in the mornings.
He waves good morning to us when we wake up. He waves goodbye when we leave. He says dah dah for the dog and byh for bite. He points at everything and says, dat? to ask for the name.
He blows my mind.

I am trying to be more present, more mindful. I have really let any form of meditation slip out of my life the last few months. I hate to think what I have missed because of it. So I am breathing more, smiling more. I am reading Peace Is Every Step and feeling the the calm seep back in. I put an application on my computer to sound a bell of mindfulness randomly through out the day (it just rang :) for another excuse to breath and smile. I love it. I need it. I want to watch and see this boy grow. I want to look and remember the smells and colors and textures around me. You can't do it when you are not present. I want to be right here, right now.


Mom A said...

Well said Mommy!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed the post. I've been following your blog for awhile, but not posted before. It's been great "watching Emerson grow. You won't recognize the blog name (Beatrice P. Boyd) as it's an online alias for myself (Dorothy) Pat(Grenville) and I have an online blog (thefrogandpenguinn). DOP feel free to stop by anytime. Hope you enjoy the stay in VA with your parents.